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This post is going to be ever so slightly different from what you usually see here on FreshArrival… We received 2 different new products from Thermos and reviewed them separately. Here’s the double post.

My daughter and I have tried several different products that claimed to keep food hot for 4-5 hours and we always ended up with luke-warm or cold food in the end. Not with this food bottle. The Work Series Food Bottle 2345 from Thermos kept our soup, spaghetti and water hot for hours.

The first day we had it we tested it with just hot water. 10 hours later the water was still pretty warm. My daughter then took it for lunch and enjoyed hot spaghetti 6 hours later. The rubber grips made it easy to close the bottle tight and to get it open again and we had no leakage problems. The container comes with a handy folding spoon and also has extra storage room for condiments and other extras.

Tips to keep in mind: pre-heat the container as instructed, make sure food is “piping” hot (some cool down will occur) and keep it closed to retain your heat. This easy to clean, durable product will be used in my lunch box for years to come and at only $26 that’s a good deal!

– Katina


I received the Hydration Bottle 2465, a strikingly designed aluminum cylinder with an angled cap. I thought it was weird when I first saw it, but all I had to do was take it along to work with me and I realized that it was made to fit in a car cupholder with ample clearance so that you’ve got no problem taking it in or out. I thought that was a nice touch, and it shows the thought that went into this product.

The Hydration Bottle contains Thermos’s TherMax® double wall vacuum insulation, which sounds really cool, but of course the true test of a Thermos is whether or not it can maintain the temperature of the things that you put into it. I usually take a drink to work, so I poured some orange juice into it and then left the house… with the Thermos on the cabinet. Ugh! I figured it’d be a good test for it anyway, so I didn’t go back to get it. It stayed on the kitchen counter for the 9 hours I spent at work. When I got home I opened it up and took a swallow. The orange juice was still ice-cold… not just cool, I mean it was like I had just poured myself some juice from the fridge. Amazing!

The Hydration bottle contains a couple of other great features, like a rubber grip so that it doesn’t slip from your sweaty fingers and go bouncing along the floor, a sweat-proof design that doesn’t leave rings of water everywhere you put it down, and a large spout to drink from. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a water bottle that just plain works like it should. It’s $17 and available both in stores and online.



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That reminds me of a joke….

A blonde is in a store and picks up a thermos. She asks the clerk “What’s this do?” The clerk replies, “It’s a Thermos, it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.” She looks at and says, “That’s genius, I’ll take it.”

Later on at work and her supervisor passes her desk and sees the thermos. “What’s this he asks?” The blonde replies, “Its a thermos, it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.” The supervisor goes, “I mean what’s in it?” She replies, “Some soup and a popcicle.”

Three scientists are on a talkshow and are asked by the host, “What’s the greatest invention ever?” The first one says “The wheel”, the second one says “The lightbulb” and the third one says “The Thermos”.
The host asks “The Thermos? What’s so great about the Thermos? It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.”
The scientist replies “Yes. But how does it KNOW?”.

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