Proporta Alu-Leather Case.

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Having cases for your portable electronics is a no-brainer. Cases help you keep your precious iPod safe and shiny. There are probably more cases out there than there are iPods, and there are certainly more options. Here is how I like mine:

  • Tough. I want actual protection.
  • Padded. In case of drops.
  • Easily Removable. For docking, cleaning, petting, etc.

Proporta’s alu-leather iPod case is all over the basics. It’s made from strong and light slabs of aluminum covered in padded, stitched leather. The sides of the case have little arms which hug your iPod and protect against crushing and it closes with a magnetic snap over the top. This is the kind of case you want if your pod is in your backpack or luggage. Due to it’s thickness this isn’t a case for you front-pocket types. You also have no access to the iPod controls when the case is closed, so it’s not really for active use anyway. The case comes with a belt clip that screws right into the case if you want to go that route. That screw hole (huh huh) can also be used to for in-vehicle mounting.

The Alu-Leather Case costs $35, which is only six bucks more than the iSocks and doesn’t iSuck.


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Some company needs to wise up and design a group of ipod accessories whose central idea is working together. I’m talking at the very least a case and a car dock. I absolutley love the look and idea behind Grifin’s tuneflex ( ), but it doesnt work with any cases from what I can tell, and the case that I use is a pain to take off and put on.

Maybe there already is a family of products like that~ if there is someone let me know please.

I don’t know of any product like that, but I think you are onto something. That TuneFlex really looks sweet. I would be a perfect solution for my car. I’d pick one up directly, but that’s a bummer it doesn’t work with your case, I’ll have to check it with mine first.

Having a case that would work with a car kit as well as a home dock would be huge.

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