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I got my hand on a few accessories from Griffin awhile back, thanks to Cameron, and one of them was the PowerMate. The PowerMate is a pimped out system control knob (with blue lighting that visually represents whatever function you’re using it for) that can control pretty much anything on your computer that uses keyboard commands. You might be thinking, how many uses can this knob have? How many things can I possibly control with a dial? Quite a few. It’s got 6 different motions, each of which you can associate with a specific function (turning right, left, clicking down, a long click down (what it considers a long click is fully customizable, just like double-click speed for a mouse), turning left while clicking, and turning right while clicking). You can set these 6 motions systemwide (for things like turning up the volume), and for as many applications as you’d like (the PowerMate software just checks to see which application you’re running and applies your input to it).

There are some specific types of applications that the PowerMate is amazingly good for, including using it as a jog dial for video editing, using it to scroll through tracks in an audio editing program, or even changing channels/volume on your TV tuner card (that’s what i use it for the most), and if you’ve got an application like that, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

It works with PC and Mac (I’ve used it most on my PC, but connected it to my Mac just to see if it worked fine, and it did) and is available for $45.00.


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