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ProtectMyPhotos is a fairly new online service that helps you back up all of your photos, important documents, movies, & music to the internet. This a great service because we live in an increasingly digital world, and we don’t have physical copies of a lot of the files that we have on our computers. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to back them up as often as possible. ProtectMyPhotos installs a program that sits on your computer and watches for changes to files or folders that you’ve marked for backup. When the files change, ProtectMyPhotos automatically backs them up for you. It keeps multiple versions of each file too, so if you totally screw up that photo retouching job, you can easily restore a good copy of your picture.

Having your pictures backed up to a server that is available online allows you to do some pretty cool things, including accessing all of your photos from any internet connected computer. If you forget to bring those family photos to Aunt Sally’s, no problem… you can open them up from the ProtectMyPhotos website.

If your hard drive screws up and you do lose your files, ProtectMyPhotos does just what it was intended to do, and puts all of your files right back where they were. ProtectMyPhotos offers a free plan and a $39.99 per year plan.


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