DLO HomeDock.

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The HomeDock Deluxe is the most useful iPod Accessory I have. It is a charging dock, it outputs audio to my stereo, and it outputs video to my flat screen. All I have to do it set my iPod in the dock and then I can sit down on the couch, because I have complete control over the iPod through the HomeDock remote control. There is an on-screen menu for navigating through your music as well as the settings for the HomeDock. The on-screen interface is ugly as all get-out, but it gets the job done. To view picture slideshows or watch video, you can switch the dock into iPod Mode, where you can control the actual iPod itself. When you play a video on your iPod with the dock in iPod Mode, it will output to your screen. The HomeDock only has RCA outputs and S-Video, but the iPod only has a maximum resolution of 640×480 anyway, so that’s all it really needs. The sound output is a true line-out source, so the sound is a lot better than using your iPod’s headphone jack (or, god forbid, an FM transmitter) to connect to your stereo.

The HomeDock Deluxe runs $150. For the ability to consume all of my iPod content in a living-room compatible way, it’s worth it.


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[…] Every color on the case is customizable to your liking and Vaja offers further personalization of the case by offering laser-engraving of the leather (text or graphic) for $10. This is easily the nicest case I’ve ever used, and my iPod never leaves it’s new home except for occasionally when I need to dock it to my home theater. Nice things don’t come cheap though… This case starts at $90.00 and goes up with customization. […]

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