Hotel as Home.

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Princeton Architectural Press sent a couple of books along for me to check out, and I was blown away by the contents, presentation and design of both of them. I’ll highlight one today and the other within the next week, after I’ve read it.

Hotel as Home is a book by Gary Chang that chronicles some of the best design, architecture and amenities that hotels all around the world have to offer. 35 hotels are highlighted in this book, including floor plans, room rates, hotel contact information and more.. basically all of the information you’d need if you decided to visit any of these hotels yourself… and you just might. I think that’s the best part of the book… you can make any of the experiences highlighted in the book your own.

When picking out a hotel, you usually get a couple of pictures that show you the lobby, the bed and not much else. Hotel experiences are usually concerned with little more than getting you in, getting you out and getting the next person in behind you. These hotels offer something extraordinary. This book explores the history, environment, surrounding area, design elements, pointing out unique qualities and special, sometimes insider things to know about each location.

And the pictures are gorgeous.


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