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The GotchaBox is too awesome. When I was growing up, my mom was a big practical joker. She was the one who put those re-lighting candles on my grandmother’s birthday cake, and the one who put a 6 inch present in a 10 inch box… inside of a 15 inch box, inside of a 20 inch box, inside of a 25 inch box, inside of a 30 inch box. (I’m serious.) If you’re that type of person, the GotchaBoxes are something you’ll find very useful this Christmas. There’s a set of 3 fake product boxes: the USB Toaster, Build-Your-Own-Umbrella Kit and the Salt Of The Month Club. You put your real present inside, wrap it up and watch as your brother tries to act excited about getting a different type of salt every month. Hopefully the joke’s not on me, and these do actually go on sale November 24th, like The Onion says they will.


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