Speaker Dock Showdown.

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The Kensington SX 2000

Kensington is a household name in the technology accessories market. They are probably best known, at least to me, for their quality mice and keyboards. I use the Expert Mouse trackball (yes, I’m a trackball nerd) and I love it. There is a ribbed rubber ring around the trackball that does the scrolling, brilliant. But Kensington does much more than input devices. Basically, if there is a large market for any particular accessory, Kensington is there, and they do it up right.

One case where they’ve done things right is the SX 2000 speaker system. The SX 2000 is a universal dock iPod speaker system designed with pure simplicity in mind. The most attractive feature of the unit is that it is less than 4″ thick. For me, that means it sits on the counter in my bathroom with little obtrusion. There are three buttons: Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down. Of course, your iPod gets charged while sitting docked. There is an input for other audio playing devices, should you be a deviant and not follow our Apple overlords.

I’m not exactly an audiophile, but to me the sound from the SX 2000 is crisp and clear, if a little shy on bass. The unit used to be $99.99, but was just recently halved (!) and is now available for $49.99.


Klipsch iGroove HG

I happened to be having a little party at my house the day the iGroove HG showed up. It was the perfect opportunity to test my new gadget, so I went to work building my party playlist. I tried to keep it fun while touching on many different musical styles so I could see how it faired, for example, on some clean acoustic music versus some bootylicious hip-hop.

The iGroove HG has a lot of good hype to live up to. Many people say it’s even much nicer than pricey Bose SoundDock or the even pricier iPod Hi-Fi. Well, I’m hear to tell you folks, it lives up. The iGroove HG tears it up. It sounds beautiful near or far and at about any angle. The bass is deep and full. I’m getting all misty just thinking about it. Much to my roommate’s displeasure, the iGroove HG sounds just about as good as his big Sony tower speakers through our stereo. Like the Kensington unit, the design is simple and sleek and also only features the three essential buttons.

The unit comes with some useful add-ons like a little sleigh that sits in the dock and with a short axillary cable to connect non-iPod devices. The unit also comes with a remote control which puts the dock into a bit of different class than the SX 2000. You can find the iGroove HG online for anywhere between about $200 and $250 dollars. If you are looking for a dock to rock, this is the one to stock, doc. (sorry)


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iFreshArrival seems to be more and more of an outlet for Apple products. This would be fair if Apple were the only source on the internet with fresh ideas or products or services. Can this be?
iReader in iMinnesota


Hey! That’s not fair. :) We’re definitely trying to mix it up around here.. There definitely are a whole bunch of Apple accessories that have been released in the past few months, and we think that the ones that we’ve highlighted are cool. Last month, out of 30 posts, 3 of them were about Apple related products.

This month, there have been 2 so far, but we’ve also covered things for the kitchen, a book, new music, and a hilarious gag gift that’s coming out in a few weeks. I think we can safely say that none of those are Apple related… and I can’t remember ever making a post about an actual Apple product.. those are too high profile for us to bore you with.. you already know about them.

We do love Apple, but I promise you, FreshArrival is not going to become your one stop-shop for Apple accessories.

Thanks for reading FA!

The other thing is, both me and Richard bought brand new iPods at about the same time, so we were kind of geeking out and finding all the cool gadgets to go with it =). We both agree that our posts are better when we write about things that are personal to us at the moment.

Like Richard said, we really try to feature a wide variety of things on FreshArrival and are constantly searching to find the coolest things to feature for ya’ll. Thanks for the feedback and for reading FreshArrival! ~

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