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Hot New Digs.

by Chris Coyier


Social Suicide: a fresh take on the suit (via Cool Hunting)

American Gulag: badass-looking barbed wire bracelets

Bacon bracelet

Duluth’s Twill Presentation Jacket (via Cool Tools)

The perfect Fall Weekend pants

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3 Responses to “Hot New Digs.”

  1. Sara Says:

    Normally I am a big fan of FA, but today, I am really disappointed. $20 rubber barbed wire bracelets that they must have found old stock of from the 80s? A $850 dollar “suit”? A bacon bracelet???

  2. Larry Says:

    American Gulag? Guess the creators of this ‘fashion accessory’ don’t recall or care about the millions of people put into these camps under Soviet rule.

  3. Eric Meyer Says:

    Larry, I suspect you’re probably wrong about them not recalling and right about them not caring.