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Zamzar (what an unfortunate name!) is a new-ish web service that lets you convert files online, up to 100mb in size. Files are available for one day after you convert them (which I think is just fine because you’re probably converting the file to use immediately anyway). It has the ability to handle all sorts of formats including documents, video, audio and images.

The process is simple: Select a file to convert, choose a file format, enter an email address where a link to your converted file(s) will be sent then, press the Convert button and wait for your converted file to arrive!

It seems like this would be a good site to have bookmarked because it’s the type of service that would really be helpful in a pinch. What I like most about it is that it has the capability to convert Flash video (.flv files) to .mp4 format so I can finally get some of those YouTube videos onto my iPod easily.


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I tried it without faults. A friend tried to convert a file through it, yet ended up having his file returned together with two other files, apparently sent by other users. Tragic and unsecure, I say.

Hmmm.. I’ll make a sidenote about it tomorrow… I didn’t have any problems with it either when I gave it a shot, but if it’s screwing up that badly for some people, FA readers need to know.

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