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I received the Euro Leather Wallet from Vaja. It’s a very well constructed leather wallet with absolutely straight stitching and a ton of card slots. It’s got a change pocket (which i’ll probably use for Nintendo DS games or SD cards, as I don’t ever carry change), and a pull-out insert that has some of the card pockets in it. The insert adds considerable thickness to the wallet, so I wanted to remove it, but then I realized that the removable part is actually the part that has the window for your ID card/drivers license. I would definitely have preferred that it be located in the main wallet body and not in the removable part, because what’s the point of a removable insert that holds a mandatory card?

The interior of the pockets is lined with a really nice cloth that features a repeating Vaja logo in a slightly contrasting shade of black. It’s very tastefully done, and I really like the effect.

Ever wished that you could get that Treo case, messenger bag, or memory card holder in the exact colors you want? Every product that Vaja makes is fully customizable online, and there’s a pretty good selection of colors available. I’ve switched to this new wallet full time and I’m loving it. It’s $80, available at the link below.



Vaja really makes some beautiful stuff. Just take a look at the iPod case on their entry page. I didn’t receive that particular case, but the equally hip iVolution Rasta case. The case is made from a thick padded leather which tightly hugs your iPod and has no moving parts like hinges or latches to complicate things. Your iPod gets protection on all sides except for the top and the dock at the bottom, which you wouldn’t want covered up anyway.

Every color on the case is customizable to your liking and Vaja offers further personalization of the case by offering laser-engraving of the leather (text or graphic) for $10. This is easily the nicest case I’ve ever used, and my iPod never leaves it’s new home except for occasionally when I need to dock it to my home theater. Nice things don’t come cheap though… This case starts at $90.00 and goes up with customization.

My only complaint is the protective plastic over the scroll wheel. I wasn’t in love with the slight texture on the plastic and it made scrolling a bit less responsive. I actually busted out an exacto knife and removed it. Don’t worry though, my scroll wheel is protected with my GelaSkin. That reminds me – I also have a GelaSkin on my iPod which doesn’t affect its ability to slip down into the Vaja case one bit. GelaSkins, which we reviewed here, has a whole bunch of new artists and new designs that blow me away with awesomeness.



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The removable insert holds a mandatory card so that when you need to present it for identification, you do not need to hand over your entire wallet. You can simply remove the insert, leaving the card in it, and hand it over to whoever. Looks like a great wallet!

Yeah, I guess it’s a personal preference… In my previous wallet, and every other wallet I’ve owned, that identification card slot was built into the wallet and was not contained in the insert. I like my wallets to be less bulky and have never had a problem holding my wallet out for identification without it having to be touched by the other party. Also, I’m used to it :)

Or, you could just slip your license into one of the other card slots, and just take it out when you need to, and remove the insert altogether :)

Already thought about, considered and tried it… but it’s so much faster to be able to flip open a wallet and show someone your license than to have to pull it out…

Maybe once the leather has relaxed, I’ll try it again, but for now the fit is too tight to be able to just whip out my license as quickly as I would like to if it’s in one of the card slots. :)

I’m pretty sure the protective scroll wheel cover for the ipod cases are optional. At least they were when I was thinking of ordering one. I did get a case for my Razr from vaja and I love it. It only steals a little bit of the slimness and fits like a glove.

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