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Book is a collaborative art project that took place between four artists (Mac Premo, Oliver Jeffers, Duke Riley, and Rory Jeffers) between June 2003 and February 2004.

For thirty-six weeks, a sketchbook was sent in random order between four artists: two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast.

Every Wednesday, on participant would receive book. The following Monday it was sent out, giving each artist five days to complete a spread in response to the one that preceded it.

Each spread overlaps a bit onto the next spread which creates flow and gives book some narrative. Every page is loaded with energy and beauty. This is the kind of book I could sit and look at for hours — not to mention steal design ideas from =)

The entire book and photos of the exhibition are viewable online through the link below. Unsigned copies of the book are available through the store for $55 and signed copies (along with audio CD commentary) are available for $93. Large prints of any of the spreads are also available for $175.


ed: It’s been brought to my attention that there may be some security issues with Zamzar that need to be worked out: specifically, someone got more than just their file back when they uploaded one for conversion. YMMV.

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