Kettle: Passport to Flavor.

Food by Richard

Kettle makes some of the best potato chips around. I love a good crunchy, tasty, not-horribly-bad-for-me chip, and between these and Zapps, there isn’t much of a need to look anywhere else. Kettle doesn’t allow trans fats, MSG, or anything else artificial in their chips, and they’re much better for it.

They’ve created a limited edition party pack featuring 5 new potential flavors . You can buy your very own, check all of the flavors out and vote for your favorite. Hopefully the one you like the most will be the flavor that gets mass produced when the promotion is over. Also in the box: five 5 oz. bags of People’s Choice chips, one of each flavor, “A Taste of Putumayo: Music for Every Palate” world music sampler CD, trivia postcards, voting ballots, food pairing ideas, drink recipes and a premium chip clip. If you submit a vote, you’re also entered to win a $4,500 travel gift certificate from REI Adventures.

Still not convinced? No one online can write about a subject that they love as amazingly as Cabel, so I’ll step aside and let him tell you why this is so amazing.


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