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You might remember the first cube mp3 player from MobiBLU. It was a perfect one-inch cube, the smallest mp3 player ever, and had all the features of any other standard mp3 player. People generally loved it. It was pocket friendly, purse friendly, you could wear it as a necklace, you could keep it practically anywhere.

But now music players are starting to do a lot more. On many of them you can listen to the radio, view pictures, and view movies. MobiBLU follows suit and, somehow, has managed to fit all of that and more into their Cube2. It’s the same size, the one-inch cube, and features about a half-inch screen. Using some Windows-only included software, you can convert movie files into the required MSV format for viewing on the Cube2. Would you ever sit down and watch Saving Private Ryan on your Cube2? No. But it’s such a fun little novelty, I could see loading it up with a bunch of YouTube videos or home movies to impress your friends. One gripe is that the software came on a mini-CD, which doesn’t work with slot-loading CD players (please don’t even try it). You don’t need special software to get your pictures on your Cube2 and viewable, just make sure they are 64×64 pixels somehow and drop them in there. Other features include recording (voice or FM), an equalizer, and podcast fetching software.

The Cube2 comes in black, silver, blue or pink at $99.99 for the 1GB version and $119.99 for the 2GB version. Like most every non-apple, non-microsoft mp3 player, it supports mp3, wma, protected wma, and all the PlaysForSure stuff. The headphone jack doubles as the USB 2.0 connection for transferring your meda and battery life claims to be 10 hours for music and 5 hours for video. For music, I’ve heard 7 hours is about what you are actually going to get.


Like Dale Gribble once said, “TV’s are getting bigger and bigger, and smaller and smaller. The days of the medium TV are over.”

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