Squeezebox V3.

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When I learned about Pandora I figured that was as cool as it gets for me… to be able to listen to any music genre I wanted from my computer rocked. Now with the Squeezebox V3, offered by Slim Devices, I can listen to Pandora anywhere in my house, along with music from my computer, Rhapsody Unlimited, and streaming radio via an 802.11g wireless connection. Simply connect the Squeezebox to a stereo device and your wireless or wired network, spend a few minutes configuring your unit and installing the SlimServer (open source!) and you’re off. The Squeezebox has plenty of ports to choose from including 1/8″ headphone jack, L/R RCA, Digital Optical Output, Digital Coax Output, and Ethernet. It also supports plenty of formats: Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA Lossless, AIFF, WAV, PCM, MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, MP2, MusePack, WMA. One drawback, currently it can’t play protected content like songs downloaded via iTunes music store.

This device has plenty of cool features from RSS feeds to an alarm clock. Set your clock to wake you up with music from your own collection, a favorite stream or even a wide variety of sounds (yes, anything from gently lapping waves to a foghorn). A simple, easy to use remote is included in either black or white depending on your unit color. Easy to use buttons such as “Now Playing”, Search, Favorites, Shuffle and more make controlling the Squeezebox a breeze. Browse by genre, artist, folder, play list, or search for a particular track (this is done by typing on the remote like you would a cell phone keypad).

The SqueezeNetwork gives you access to Internet Radio, podcasts and more without even needing to have your computer on. The SlimServer allows you to control your player and manage play lists from a web browser or handheld device. It includes the ability to set up play lists, queue music, and play random lists. Slim Devices has a list of freely available plugins to add additional functionality to the Squeezebox device. Add lyrics, additional streaming, games, playlist setups, volume locks and more. Want to have fun with your roommates? Turn on music on any of your players from your cell phone. I recommend adjusting the volume and making use of the “natural sounds”, such as the horse whinny, for a fun practical joke. You can even configure the Squeezebox to work as a wireless bridge to connect Ethernet devices, such as a TiVo player, to your network.

The device plays music flawlessly, with no skips and no delays between tracks. I would highly recommend skipping the CD player, tossing the disks and getting one of these instead!


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