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Zontik Games.

by Chris Coyier


Ever since Uncrate featured this gorgeous fourty-five hundred dollar backgammon set, I’ve been watching the Zontik Games website waiting for it to launch. Well, it launched late Monday night and boy-o-boy does it make for some good window shopping. I’m guessing sixty thousand dollars for a chess set is a little out of the price range for most of our readers.

My favorite is the stunningly detailed Monopoly set:

Inlaid leather Monopoly set atop a beautiful hand bound scalloped sided plinth in Dauphin calf. Embossed in either Gold or Silver each of the seventy inlays are meticulously prepared to give an almost seamless appearance. Set out in black felt are the playing pieces (pewter, Sterling Silver or Silver-gilt), a pair of uncrushable leather dice cups complete with trips to prevent unfair play. Two ball cornered precision dice, leather-bound “Bank” boxes with “money” separators and a leather rule envelope complete this magnificent piece.

The game is fully customizable and ranges from $5290 – $7570 depending on your options. Custom kits are built by hand and require six to eight weeks for delivery.

If you just want a taste of the luxury life, they also sell a Rubik’s Cube for a comparatively reasonable $155.


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3 Responses to “Zontik Games.”

  1. Matt Says:

    $155 for a rubiks cube is a little much….especially when I end up chunking them at the wall anyway. Nice website though, bookmarked it in my “When my lottery ticket hits” folder along with Aston Martin’s site and a few others.

  2. Larry Says:

    Wow, nice find. I need to find me a ‘mentor’ that has plenty of money….

  3. Matt Says:

    or a sugar-mamma, might have to work a little harder to leech that money though