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Brain Teasers.

by Richard

Okay, now that the tryptophan has begun to work its way out of your system you’ll need something to wake your brain up completely. Try these 15 brain teasers on for size!


via kottke

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2 Responses to “Brain Teasers.”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m calling shenanigans on question number 7. I may be totally wrong though. My explanation:

    An Ice Cube’s weight has nothing to do with it’s displacement of water, it’s density / volume does. In fact, it’s widely known that water expands in volume as it turns to ice, so therefore when it melts, the water level would go down.

    If Ice displaced it’s own weight in water it would be neutrally buoyant, and not float to the top of your glass.

    Now, If i can only figure out why I actually came into work today~

  2. Zervas Says:

    it displaces it’s weight. as ice it has more volume. that extra volume is what sticks out above the water.