Christmas Lists.

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It’s that time of year again – Christmas shopping time! Before you hop in the car and head to the mall, why don’t you do a little planning and organization first? Below is list of web-based tools to help you keep your Christmas lists straight. Most of them work equally well for keeping track of things you want to buy for other people as well as your own desires. Let the shopping commence!

Wishlistr is a super-slick, super-easy web service for creating wish lists. The sign-up process is as simple as can be, and you’ll be creating your first list in about 30 seconds. All you do is enter a title, a link, and any additional info you want to add and click save. The interface is heavily AJAXed, so you can drag things around in a very satisfying manner. The lists are designed to be shared so you can pick out cool templates that your friends and family will see when they visit your list at wishlistr.com/yourname. You can even give out RSS feeds of your list for the tech-savvy family.

You can think of GiftBox as a feature-loaded version of WishListr. The free account allows you to keep track of three holidays ($19 a year for unlimited). The process is much less simple. First you set up a holiday. Then you set up all the people you will be buying gifts for and how they are related to you. Then you can add gifts under those peoples names. Your gift information is organized into these five categories: Gifts I’m Giving, Gifts I’ve Received, Gift Ideas, My Wishlist, and Returns. You can also keep track of your budget through GiftBox, as well as send thank you cards. They also provide a URL to share your wishlist, but no RSS. It takes a bit more work to get up and running in GiftBox, but it’s not like it’s overly complicated. GiftBox has a nice, full feature set that really will cater to anyone with serious online gift organizing needs.

Amazon’s WishList
Amazon sells everything from books and music to gourmet food and hardware. Their WishList service seems like as good a place as any to start keeping track of your gift ideas. Of course, if you buy some yoga DVDs for your sister, you’ll probably get yoga recommendations from Amazon for the rest of your life.

Remember The Milk
Very simple list making site. If you don’t want all the bells and whistles, but just a place to store your lists online. They also offer a further simplified Mobile Site for checking out your lists on the go.

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You forgot Kaboodle (www.kaboodle.com). Definitely my favorite and the most easy. You just stick their bookmarklet in you browser, and when you’re on the page of the product you want, it extracts the information for you automatically, including a picture. You can import your Amazon wishlists, and have people reserve your gifts without you seeing (unless you choose to peek).

Very AJAXy, very easy.

Kaboodle’s my favorite too! I used to use TheThingsIWant.com but I found Kaboodle to be nicer.

And thank you for not mentioning Wists… I tried to sign up 2 or 3 times for them and their site is so sloooooooow!

Oooh, don’t forget about ThisNext.com ~ great gift guides going on over there, and better than simply MAKING wishlists, you can Shopcast (think broadcast your shopping desires) them

… you can run badges of your wishlist on your site (or anywhere you can get some html/js running)… and also use BlogIt to create gorgeous image maps and instantly post it to your blog… Seriously, no one that knows about your web presence will have an excuse to not know what you’re craving =)

[disclaimer, while i am biased b/c BlogIt is kind of my pet project for the last few weeks, its been designed with bloggers like us in mind! and really usability and design wise have made it as EASY and pretty as possible!]

couple of other ideas on the ‘wishlisting’ thing …
– use de.licio.us with subcategories for individuals. e.g., all things tagged christmas06 and michael are my wishlists for this christmas. i just put the direct links up from my web page for non-tech family, but of course the techier among them can rss it.
– use a google notes account that is shared, with a different notebook for each holiday. i haven’t tried this for wishlisting, but don’t know why it wouldn’t work

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