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Young at Heart.

by Richard

FreshArrival is all about slowing down the breakneck posting pace of the web and trying to bring something truly special to you everyday. We’ve never featured anything like this, but I think it is amazingly cool, so I’m sharing it. :) I was in a band for a few years (would like to be again someday), and so this sort of thing really is special to me.

Young at Heart is a group that formed in the year I was born: 1982. The performers range in age from 73 to 92 (92!) and they travel around performing rock songs. I’m talking Radiohead, The Clash, Led Zeppelin and even some Outkast for good measure. This cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” is nothing short of amazing, and very touching. How about some Sonic Youth?

I just hope that if/when I get to be their age that I can still get on stage and perform. Rock on.


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5 Responses to “Young at Heart.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for this. It’s great.

    I’m going to share it with a local news station. Nice holiday, human interest story.


  2. Tana Says:

    This is amazing. You are one of the ONLY NaBloPoMo blogs on the randomizer that didn’t make me want to stick my finger down my throat. Thanks for the generous spirit and the inspiration.


  3. Richard Says:

    Thanks, Jennifer and Tana. I’m glad I stuck with my gut feeling when I first saw this, and posted this today. :)

  4. Tana Says:

    Here is a bookend for your Young at Heart guys.

    I’ve watched it a hundred times since I found it. Not everyone gets it, but if you get it, you love it.

    : D

  5. pb Says:

    As much of a fan as I am of FreshArrival, this was the best and most touching post I’ve experienced here.