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Clocky has a similar concept to the Puzzle Alarm Clock: forcing you to get your butt out of bed and do something before you can turn off the alarm. In this case, after a designated number of snoozes, Clocky fires up it’s wheels and takes off, randomly twisting and turning and ending up somewhere in your room. You have to get up and find it before it can be shut off. Along the same lines is the Flying Alarm Clock.

Online Alarm Clock
Super simple web-based alarm clock. The alarm sort of sounds like a robot dog trapped down a well and barking. Just remember to have your speakers on, turned up, and that your computer doesn’t go to sleep with inactivity.

Soleil Sun Alarm Clock
This alarm clock attempts to rise you from slumber gently by simulating a sunrise with it’s “Super Bright Krypton Bulb”. The rate at which it gets brighter is customizable and you can set an audio alarm as well, just to be sure. It also claims to be helpful to people with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Talking Alarm Clock
Little cheezy, but hey, it’s got a girl voice and it comes in retro orange.

Never Late Alarm Clock
This is the alarm clock built for people who have a steady schedule that isn’t the same from day to day. In other words, college students. You can set a repeating weekly schedule so you don’t have to mess with setting it every day. “No class on Thursday? Class cancelled just this Friday? No problem. Turn the alarm off for just that day without affecting the rest of your wake schedule”

If you are trying to tidy up your night stand, check out this idea.

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…but there is more! Check out the Aroma Waker. “To enhance a tedious routine living, the alarm clock couples with a diffuser that runs itself according to the time setting of the clock, user can customize what time of the day it gives out what smell, there are 2 heat sinks to vaporise oils at dedicated times of the day, it could be a refreshing lemon breeze in the morning for the start of the day and a relaxing comforting blend for a warm welcome from hard day’s work.” You can view it here: (click on work).

Or how about a alarm above your head? It’s still in concept phase, but honestly I think this is a pretty good idea:

What I really need is an alarm clock that pulls the covers off me in the morning. That would really motivate me. Ah, too late, it’s already been thought of in concept in Germany (page in German):,138,17,0,0,159

That’s all good and nice…but why don’t the people that need this not just go to bed earlier? Problem solved.

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