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My marble blocks were indisputably my favorite toy as a child. I’m not sure if this is the same manufacturer, since my kit has a bunch of ramps and stuff that this kit doesn’t, but these look just as cool.

The classic starter kit comes with 54 blocks, all with random holes and turns and gutters and whatnot. Your job is to build the coolest track you can. It’s not exactly inexpensive at $165, but when you consider these are custom cut pieces of high-quality beechwood, it’s not that bad of a deal. Extra awesome are the add-on kits you can get which can add different functionality to your tracks like acceleration kit which speeds your marbles up and the magic kit which includes pieces with random splits in the tube.


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Wow I had no idea these things existed. We always had to make up our own as kids… mostly using empty loo paper rolls. And pieces of hose. This, however, is a great idea!!

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