Logitech Audiostation.

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The Logitech Audiostation is a showstopping little device. I’ve been using one for a few weeks now and I haven’t stopped loving it. A more than worthy competitor to the Klipsch and Bose offerings, I found it to be well designed and more than functional. It’s got a deep low end that belies its size and will easily fill a room with sound. It’s got that slick new touch sensitive interface (I found it to be a little too sensitive at times) that Logitech is putting on several new devices these days. The screen isn’t very amazing (it’s white on black with a fairly slow refresh rate) and shows it’s weaknesses if you try to push it by turning on the music visualization. Mostly, though, you’ll be looking at your iPod screen anyway, if anything, so it won’t matter too much.

It’s also got a clock built in, a really nice, shiny remote so that you can control your iPod from across the room, composite and S-Video out so that you can watch your iPod videos on your TV, a sleep timer so you can listen to music before bed, comes with 8 iPod adapters so that it perfectly fits whatever iPod you’d like to use with it, and radio (which pulls in song titles and station names if your local stations support it). It’s absolutely packed with features.

The Audiostation is available from Logitech for $299.


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