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The Lost Room.

Entertainment, Television by Chris Coyier

Sci-Fi Channel has a brand new mini-series they began airing yesterday called The Lost Room. The premise of the show is that Detective Joe Miller (Nate Fisher from Six Feet Under) is given this key, which turns out to be a powerful mystical object. The key, when inserted into any normal door with a lock, will open into a hotel room. If you go inside and shut the door, you can choose anywhere in the world you want the door to open up to. The hitch is that every time you close the door and open it, the room “resets”. Meaning, if you were to poop on the carpet, go outside, close the door, open the door again, the poop would be gone.

Aside from the key, there are tons of other objects that originally came from the room. Normal, everyday objects like a comb, a bus pass, a pen, and so on. Each of these objects has a different power. For example, the pen is essentially a weapon that burns things if touched with the tip. The comb can stop time for 10 seconds if you run it through your hair. Pretty cool. The objects also do different things if brought into combination with each other, and there are some “dormant” objects whose purpose is still unknown. As it turns out, there are quite a few people that know about these objects and for various reasons, are trying to acquire them.

Remember how the room “resets” itself? During a little scuffle, Joe’s daughter (the younger Fanning child) gets trapped inside the room when the door shuts, and when it is opened again, she of course is not there. It becomes Joe’s sole priority to get his daughter back, by trying to figure out as much as he can about these objects and how they work and what he can use to bring his daughter back. Of course there is a lot more detail to all of this, so you’re just going to have to set your DVR’s.

So we have a great cast and an intriguing premise full of hot sci-fi action. Plus it’s just a mini-series so it runs in two-hour blocks for three days straight and that’s it. No waiting for 13 weeks for a lame cliffhanger and more questions like LOST. I’ll take it.


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