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The Booksling is a very well designed, very useful-looking product for all of us who are book lovers. I, for one can never find a bookmark when I need it, and end up putting all sorts of things in my books to keep my page marked (terrible, I know!) I don’t like metal bookmarks that clip on, because they tend to slide out of the book for some reason. The Booksling looks like a great solution to my problem. I mean, it’s a bookmark that attaches with elastic! That sucker’s never going to fall out of my book.

The Booksling’s main feature, however is the fact that you can use it to attach up to 2 pens, highlighters or pencils to your book as well (one on the top and one on the bottom), if you’re the type of person who likes/needs to mark their books up. They’re very reasonably priced, at $5.99, and are available in 3 different colors.


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