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Since I’ve got an iPod chock full of thousands of songs, I’m finding that putting the iPod on shuffle just doesn’t do it for me most of the time… There’s too much variation in my music to make a fully listenable shuffle, and I usually just end up skipping forward until I find a song that fits my mood. I may not have to do that too much longer. The Filter is a small, smart program that works with iTunes to make smart playlists based on your mood. All you’ve got to do is select a few songs that fit your listening preference at a given time, and The Filter will generate a playlist for you that is based on the preferences of the owners of over a million songs from its online database. It learns from your listening habits all the time and continually adjusts to your preferences: for instance, it knows when you skip songs in a mix, and takes that into account from that point on when it’s making new playlists for you. It’s never been easier to make playlists for, say a road trip or going jogging. You’ll probably find some old songs you’ve forgotten you own in the process.

Oh, and it’s free! It’s only out for Windows now, but there’s a Mac version coming out soon (you can sign up for the alpha right here, if you’re interested.)


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