Secret Santa Ideas.

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Every office I’ve ever worked at has done the Secret Santa thing. I suppose it depends on how well you get along with all your co-workers, but personally, I hate it. Inevitably, you are going to get your boss and the super shy new girl who you’ve never even spoken to is going to get you. There is nothing you can do about it, you are definitely going to get a little plastic reindeer that poops candy and a gift certificate to your least favorite restaurant, but here are some ideas for gifts to buy that anybody would love.

iTunes Gift Card: Even if they aren’t a current iTunes user, maybe this will open them to the wonderful world of online music. You could even build them a custom playlist of suggestions or point them to an album you think they would like. Like maybe this excellent new Decemberists album.

Beer: Nothing says “I care” like a six pack of fine suds. If you are anywhere near the Midwest, try this brewery, it’s fantastic.

Blank CD’s/DVD’s: There is something inspiring about having a huge stack of 100 CD’s or DVD’s on your desk. And there is something aggravating about needing one and not having one. It’s practical, thoughtful, and you just might score a couple sweet mix CD’s or some burned Netflix movies copies of some legal public domain movies.

Quickies: A Flickr Pro Account, Lottery Tickets (or fake ones), Address Labels, A Stupid Novelty T-Shirt

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