Fun With Adobe Betas.

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Adobe has really been kicking out a lot of stuff lately:

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta: It took them a while, but there is a universal version of Photoshop now available. It’s a public beta with the final version shipping sometime in the second quarter of 2006. You must have a valid serial number of CS2 to activate it.

Adobe Lightroom: Also in public beta, Lightroom is Adobe’s answer to Apple’s Aperture. Of course you can do color correcting in Photoshop, but it’s a bit like using a steak knife to slice tomatoes when you have a perfectly good chef’s knife in the drawer. Lightroom has a slick and intuitive interface which is satisfying to use. It also just feels snappy for the kind of major processing it must be doing.

Adobe SoundBooth: The addition of this audio editing application, again in public beta, rounds out Adobe’s lineup of software products. Audio editing has long been missing from the company’s rap sheet and with it’s addition, Adobe can finally claim that if you are a creative professional, they have a solution for you.

kuler: There are so many color theme generating web apps out there I could do a whole weekend post on it, but this is by far the coolest one ever. The interface is beautiful, the themes are great as well as tweakable, and when you have one you like, you can export it as a swatch library to use in any Adobe program.

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