End-of-the-year roundup.

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Since it’s Christmas time and we’re going to be taking the next couple of days off for the holiday (Sunday and Monday), I thought it’d be a good time to clean out our pile of links that we think are cool but haven’t been able to write about yet, for whatever reason. Hopefully this will tide you over until our return on Tuesday, the 26th. Have a great holiday!

Traineo – I’ve been using this to keep track of my exercise and calorie intake…I noticed right away that the signup process was very easy which is good because some people (like myself) will take whatever excuse they can get to not keep up with their diet/exercise.

SuperDuper! is about the best backup/disk cloning program around for the Mac. It goes so far as to let you make completely bootable copies of your hard drive, so if your main drive decides not to spin one morning, you can just boot from the other drive immediately. It’s pretty much a must-have program if you own a Mac.

RadTech Portectorz – Silicone inserts for Apple laptops, iPods and AirPorts that protect data and power ports from dust and debris.

Money Soap – Money. In soap.

Jabra X10 – one of the best sounding, lightest, slickest, smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market. It’s even got digital sound processing technology (for crystal clear phone calls) and comes with the best looking charging cradle I’ve ever seen for a device. It’s some amazing technology packed into less than 1/3 of an ounce.

Podz Rechargeable Wireless Speakers – New this year from Brookstone, these speakers go pretty much whereever you want them to go, and the look and sound great doing so!

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