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Rite In The Rain.

by Chris Coyier

rite rain

Did you know the hole’s only natural enemy is the pile?

Paper also has but one natural enemy: Water. Rite in the Rain is a company that removes this mortal weakness from paper and produces a variety of consumer products showcasing that ability. Their paper “sheds” water and is designed specifically for anyone working outdoors who needs to write. Check out this woman’s story:

On my last day of data collection for my graduate thesis (1.5+ years of field work), I managed to drop my notebook in the mud in the middle of a farm! I did not realize where it was until 2 weeks later (and a week of the heaviest rain California has seen in a long time)! When I went back out to my field site, there was my precious notebook… soaking wet but with every page intact and readable.

Rite in the Rain also makes computer paper and paper in bulk for the printing industry. I can’t vouch for the quality myself, but considering the US Government has their own login section on their website, I’m thinking it’s a pretty good product.

The 3″x5″ Pocket Notebook shown here is $3.25 and available from their website or from a number of online retailers.


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