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Crash Test Kitchen.

by Richard

This is my new favorite video podcast. Crash Test Kitchen is a podcast by Warren Murray and Leanne White, a husband and wife who aren’t professional chefs.. at all. They host a cooking show that is pretty much the reality of cooking in the kitchen when neither person knows exactly what they are doing. They intentionally leave all of the bickering and arguing in, which makes it hilarious to watch, and they even attempt to eat their creations when they are done, whether they turn out horribly wrong or not.

Another similar podcast that I like is Ctrl-Alt-Chicken, by Alex Albrecht of Diggnation and his girlfriend Heather Stewart. Ctrl-Alt-Chicken isn’t filmed as often as CTK, though.


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2 Responses to “Crash Test Kitchen.”

  1. ericnels Says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I really don’t think Heather Stewart is Alex’s girlfriend.

  2. Richard Says:


    A Google search for heather stewart alex albrecht girlfriend
    brings up this Wikipedia entry that refers to her as his girlfriend…

    Also, her Wikipedia page

    I think I also remember a couple of Diggnation episodes where she is referred to as such. I’m not totally sure about that.