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by Richard

I use computers a LOT… around 15 hours a day. Needless to say, I’m constantly typing on one keyboard or another, or using a mouse or trackpad. Wristease is a pretty nifty invention that combines a couple of things we’ve all seen (namely, a wristband and ergonomic wrist support) into one product. Basically, you slip these on and they elevate your wrists just enough to keep them straight, which relieves pressure on the median nerve to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. This combination allows them to be used anywhere, without your wrist supports slipping around, and without you having to bring wrist rests everywhere you go.

I’ve been using them for a good part of the day today (I’m actually using them right now!) and they’re both comfortable and work as advertised, keeping my wrists perfectly straight while I type. I highly recommend them.


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