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Right behind movie showtimes and porn, reading the news is one of the biggest things that draw people to the web. My parents Your average clueless folks might fire up their browser and head right to, but those of us who are web-savvy know better. These days there are a lot more options, like sites that amalgamate lots of news into one place, editorial sites that cobble together news from many different sources, and social news sites that rely on user-submitted stories to find the best content out there.

These are my favorite three sites for news reading. What are yours?

Brings together the latest from tons of the most popular online news sites like Google News, Yahoo News, Digg, Reddit, Fark, and Clipmarks. Beyond that, it also has media sections featuring the latest interesting photos from Flickr, popular YouTube videos, and even some comic strips. This is easily my favorite one-stop-shop for finding interesting news on the web. However, it is a bit tech-oriented and it’s not very customizable.

Focuses on local news and does a bang-up job doing it.

User submitted, User written, and User voted-on stories. Newsvine is usually loaded with the best in “real” news, although it does separate it self into sections like most major news sites and does local news as well.

For all you Mac users out there… psst.

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All of the above-named sites give only a part of the news, and they give it with a biased slant. They reflect the political leanings of (according to 1990s polls) 85 percent of people in the media — namely, in an ultra-liberal Democrat-style direction. This makes them out of the mainstream for the American public, which is at least 50% conservative.

Such “news” sites (and related print media) no longer exhibit true journalism, but rather “advocacy journalism,” in which implicit or even explicit points of view (anti-Republican, of course) are very frequently pushed. Moreover, almost all stories that would make conservatism look good (e.g., the tremendous good being done with adult stem cells, the great recovery and absence of conflict in more than 3/4 of Iraq, etc.) are censored into non-existence (or, at best, “buried,” in the case of liberal newspapers).

That is why all of the above so-called news sites should be avoided by patriotic Americans. Ditto for such things as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. (As I told you, they have 85% of the media! If not for them, there is no way that the Democrats would have gained the houses of Congress in 2006.)

For “fair and balanced” news, in which both sides of an issue are examined, there is only one major source:

Thanks for your attention.



I think it’s hilarious that you crafted such a highly biased post about biased news sources.

I believe that FreshArrival readers are old enough to make up their own minds about what the truth in the news media is on a case-by-case basis. There is no way you can make a blanket statement about what seems to be just about every other major news source in the US and be taken seriously. They’ve got to get it right sometime.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, though. I really appreciate having a different take on the matter. Please give the rest of us a little credit, though.


Sadly, there’s not too much chance of that in the near future. Konfabulator/Yahoo widgets, while similar in function are nowhere near as simple to develop as Dashboard widgets (especially given the release of the Dashcode beta recently, which made it way too simple to make a FA widget that I couldn’t not release one for the Mac as it took less than 20 minutes to make.) Porting it to the PC, or making a new one for the PC is just too complex a project for me to tackle right now. All my spare time is taken up by coding Hngry v3, which should be out fairly soon. When that’s out, then I might have the time to devote to a Windows widget.

In any event, I’ll put it on my list.

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