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Just about everyone with children worries about their children being safe from predators on the internet. Of course, you can put the computer in a family area, supervise computer time and teach your children about staying safe online, but you can’t possibly watch them all of the time. Plus, with all of the new teen shorthand, slang and l337 Sp3aK, it’s a very hard task to be sure what children are even talking about!

IMSafer is a web app that helps keep children safe on the web, while giving them privacy as well. They get online and chat normally. If something comes up in the course of the chat that could potentially be unsafe, IMSafer sends out an email to the parent within 90 seconds, explaining the situation and translating the slang so that they can immediately assess the situation and take quick action if something needs to be done. This app strikes a unique balance between parental monitoring and child privacy, as parents can’t view full chat transcripts, just the flagged sections. There’s even a built in network so that if someone is flagged for inappropriate conversations with your child, others can benefit from your rating and head that person off at the pass.

Of course, IMSafer is no substitute for good parenting, but it can definitely help give parents peace of mind and hopefully prevent some online situations from getting out of hand before it’s too late.


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