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Do you run to Wal-Mart or Hallmark every time you need a greeting, thank you, birthday or sympathy card? Wish you could make it stop? Do you appreciate good design? If so, Cardstock just might be for you. It’s a $60 pack of 40 offset cards and 42 envelopes for all occasions. I think it’s a much better deal than spending 2 bucks for every occasion. This set will probably last you a couple of years.


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I usually just scratch out my name on cards given to me, and give them to my friends. They usually get a kick out of it…..then again they are already aware I’m a lazy bum.

I almost sent an X-mas card back to my buddy….I was about to scratch out his kids’ names and make up some of my own and say it was from my family to his….but his wife wouldn’t have gotten the joke. He woulda cracked up though.

Edit to add: the cards I buy are blank, and I use my own photography for each occasion. I don’t think I would trust a generic set of cards to be appropriate for my individual tastes. (They don’t show you the cards on that site, near as I can tell, so you’re really buying a pig in a poke.)

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