Dale and Thomas Popcorn.

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If you’re going to eat some junk food, you might as well do it up right. Dale and Thomas Popcorn looks like some very tasty stuff. I had no idea popcorn came in so many flavors! They include Sweet Georgia Pecan, Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn, Toffee Crunch DrizzleCorn, Cinnamon Creme, Hall of Fame Kettle Corn, and even BBQ. The popcorn comes in several huge sizes, samplers, and gift sets. Oh, and there’s a 100% Guarantee so that you’re sure to be satisfied, or you get your money back. I want some.

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That’s the right kinda thing to be posting about right after New Year’s Richard. Help ruin everyone’s “get healthy” resolution. You’re such an enabler….lol

That stuff is awesome Richard! I’ve tried the chocolate Drizzlecorn and the peanut butter Drizzlecorn and they’re both excellent! I recommend this amazing popcorn.

I’ve tried their popcorn a few times. Although it is ok in taste, their popcorn is full of transfat and has been highly processed in a FACTORY setting. They spend a lot of $ on marketing to make you believe that it’s wholesome and “gourmet”. For sure, they don’t deliver on quality. Oh, check out the this blog…It’s very gross!


A few friends of mine had a bad experience with their popcorn and they forwarded me some comments from epinions.com


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