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Qwickie Touch-up Tool.

by Richard

You’ve painted your house. You’ve got extra paint. Eventually, someone’s going to ding a wall, and you’re going to need to touch it up with the original paint, which will require you to find the original cans of paint, pry them open, track down a paintbrush, touch up the ding, hammer the can closed, put it away, get out the paint thinner, clean the brush, wait for it to dry, and put it all away.

The Qwickie Touch-up Tool consists of a plastic container with a screw-on lid that has a built-in touch-up brush. You just put your excess paint in one of these, and when you need to make a quick touch-up, you unscrew the lid, paint, and screw the lid back on.

Here are some features from the website:
1. The brushcap is easy to hold and has airtight threads to keep the paint from drying out.
2. Built-in wiper removes excess paint from brush.
3. Label is included to keep track of the paint color and what room it’s for.
4. The container is made from durable plastic and holds 13 oz. of paint.
5. The Touch-up Tool features high quality acrylic bristles that are perfect for applying and feathering latex paints.


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