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e4b fruit puree.

by Richard

e4b makes a unique, healthy snack…fruit puree. Basically, it’s blended fruit. They are quick to state that their product is not a smoothie, not fruit juice, not yogurt, not a drink, and not ice. It is a snack food, and the equivalent of a few fruits mashed/blended together. It’s definitely a new twist on healthy snacking, and seems like a nice, quick alternative to eating fruit on-the-go. e4b fruit puree comes in NASA-grade packaging which keeps the contents as fresh as possible for as long as possible, with no additives or preservatives. It comes in 5 flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Raspberry, Mango and Pear Caramel.

I haven’t personally had any, but if I come across any in the grocery store, I’ll be sure to give it a shot.


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4 Responses to “e4b fruit puree.”

  1. PyramidView Says:

    So, it’s a large serving of baby food.

  2. Richard Says:

    clap. clap.

  3. Chelsey Says:

    Hey cool – I was just about to post on this and I HAVE tried it. Baby food did cross my mind, but it is pretty good. I like the blueberry best. But their website could use some work – when I ordered they never gave me my total and and I had to call and correct a bad credit card charge. In the end it worked out, and I was able to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free offer they had going in December. I think the company is just a little too green right now. Green as in new, that is, not green as in eco-friendly, which is always good.

  4. Richard Barkins Says:

    Although a nifty idea, I just don’t see myself ordering mashed up fruit from the internet. I’m more inclined to take some fruit from the market, smash it together by hand and eat up. But in the end I’ll just stick with regular fruit juice and whole apples.