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Shiny Toy Guns.

by Richard

If there was ever an album with catchy beats that get stuck in your head all day, “We Are Pilots” is it. I’ve had these songs bouncing around in my head since I first heard them, and I can’t get them out. Shiny Toy Guns is an electronica/indie/rock band from Los Angeles, California that creates music that just makes you happy. I can’t post any of their songs here, as I don’t have permission, and they’re recently signed to Universal Records, arguably the worst record label around when it comes to sharing music and not screwing consumers over. That doesn’t change the fact that they make great music, though.

You can go to their official website, MySpace or PureVolume to check them out though. I especially like “You Are The One” and “We Are Pilots”.


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4 Responses to “Shiny Toy Guns.”

  1. justin Says:

    hey dude, i saw this band when they played in houston, they opened for Mute Math. Pretty good show, unfortunatly one of the venues speakers blewup (figuratively) and so the girl singer was only 1/2 the time heard.

  2. Mallory Says:

    They’re SOOO good. They’ve been my new favorite band for about a year now…I’m absolutely in love. I saw them in concertn last March and they were amazing live. And so sweet too, we briefly spoke with a couple of the members after the show.

    I’m so glad to see they’re really starting to get the recognition they deserve.

  3. Zervas Says:

    I don’t know. “If there was ever an album with catchy beats that get[s] stuck in [my] head all day” it would have to include ” i got a man” by positive K. that was some catchy shit.

  4. Reese Says:

    They make good music, yes. I like the last version of We Are Pilots that was released before signing to Universal better, it’s less um, streamlined I guess.