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Even though smartphones are getting more and more popular, the vast majority of people have regular cell phones, and it’s not easy to re-enter all of the contacts and phone numbers in the phone if it gets lost or stolen, or even if you’re just replacing an old phone. You’ve got to buy an expensive data cable to transfer the numbers to your computer, but even then they are usually saved in a proprietary format that you can’t really do anything with but copy back to an identical phone…which is just fine if you’re going to have the same model of phone forever…and of course, you won’t.

The Backup-Pal makes it trivial to back up your phone’s contents and restore them to whatever new phone you happen to get. It’s got phone-specific adapters, mini-USB and infrared capabilities, so it might work with your phone even without a cable. According to the website, “It doesn’t need a computer, software installation, or monthly subscription to a carrier’s data service. At the touch of a button, the battery-powered Backup-Palâ„¢ instantly saves a backup copy of the user’s contact information from their cellular phone.” The Backup-Pal holds up to 2000 contacts even if its batteries go dead. All you’ve got to do is push a button, and your contacts are safe. It costs between $39.99 and $49.99, depending on what accessories it includes.

Every product should be this simple to use.


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