Portsmouth Tea Company.

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There’s tea, and then there’s tea. Normally you find tea in cardboard boxes in your local Wal-Mart, prepackaged in little teabags, and they’re okay, but there’s an entire world of amazing teas with the that make your taste buds dance with joy. Portsmouth Tea makes tea.

The brainchild of Marshall Malone and Jere Vincent, a couple of tea-loving friends who wanted to enjoy the best tea possible, Portsmouth Tea is a brand of over 120 teas that are available worldwide. Their line also includes teas canisters, teapots, and a subscription service called the Tea Circle that brings a large canister of a surprise flavor of tea to your door every month for a year.

The tea comes loose, packaged in canisters that are chock-full of the finest, highest-quality leaves, bits of fruit, flower petals and everything else that goes into a high-quality tea. I’ve never seen such variety! From green teas to white teas to iced teas, fruit teas, chai, decaf…even popcorn… (yes, popcorn!), you’re sure to find something you enjoy. If you can’t decide based on the tea names, you can also pick by color or taste.

I had some of the MMMMango flavor tonight, and it is nothing short of amazing. I could drink this everyday.


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Sounds delightful! Question: Are you sure their Tea Circle delivers every day – or should it be every month? Just asking.

[…] Just the other night while adding sugar to my tea, I wished for a dispenser that would give me the same amount of sugar everytime. Everyone has one of those standard sugar pourers, but you always have to eyeball your sugar amount, and it’s easy to pour too much or too little. Then, I came across the $13.95 Sugar Please Automatic Sugar Dispenser. If you’re a regular tea of coffee drinker, this is a must-have. It dispenses exactly one packet’s worth of sugar with one press, and the equivalent of a sugar cube with two presses. So awesome! Now I can figure out exactly how much sugar I like, and use the same amount every time. […]

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