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You’ve got one of those new 3G phones that features TV, streaming music, blazing fast internet, email, movie playback and instant messaging and boy, do you use them all. The only problem is… you have to plug your cell phone in all the time because you keep running out of battery power. Well, that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, I guess… if your family members/pets would just quite running over your phone cable and knocking your phone onto the floor!

Enter driinn. It’s a $7 piece of plastic that’s been molded to make a little shelf for your cell phone to rest on, and a cable winder for your charging cable. It keeps everything nice and neat, and your phone has a great place to sit and charge that’s also high enough to be able to avoid drink spills. Looks cool to me!


P.S. Do any of you have an Xbox360 and Xbox Live? My gamer tag is hngry if you’d like to play sometime… just message me or add me as a friend.

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