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This looks like the kind of contraption that might be offered free on an infomercial – maybe with the purchase of an all-in-one omelet-making, microwaving slow-cooker. But it also looks like exactly what half the planet needs to organize their cookware. Each PANTREE™ hold 14 pieces of cookware and four lids, and fits most standard base cabinets.

Stacking your pots and pans inside one another can scratch them, ruining any non-stick coatings and causing potential health hazards during food preparation. So if you plan to keep the same pans for any length of time, $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling (their “special introductory price” – see, it is like an infomercial!) could be well worth it in the long run.
I wonder just how sturdy it is – if you don’t have a big pot on the bottom would it tip over? – but they do offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days, so, really, you can’t lose.


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To answer your questions about the PANTREE tm durability and balance. It is made out of the highest density plastic. Each round disc shelf has reinforcements every inch. The snapping feature that allows the round disc to connect with the leg provides the strength and prevents any degree of torque (sway) to create the stability. The pyramid design provides the balance needed to hang cookware on the parimeter without having any pot on the balance to offset the weight.
You are right about this being an “informercial” type item, in that it is a problem/solution easily demonstrable, yet unlike many direct response items this one truly solves a very big problem for hopefully “half the planet “. It will be featured on QVC next month, and infomercials following that while national magazines such as Womans Day and Womans World and Simple Life are currently running features on the item. I encourage your readership to go to our website,, how the PT is made for where the problem exists., in your lower kitchen cabinet. I first thought of the cookware disasters over 23 years ago and believe it or not, same problem today, finally a solution……..The Inventor

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