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Normally I am very concerned about overpopulation, but I truly want people I know to start having babies so I can buy them these shirts! This company’s motto is just fantastic – Wry Baby: Raise Funny People – and their products live up to it. Their baby onesies are my favorite, especially the series that offers illustrated parenting “tips.”

I also love the pair of shirts designed as a gift for a newborn and an older sibling: The bigger shirt says “old” and the baby shirt says “new.” Then there’s their “Mysterio” series, which is probably their coolest product. Mysterio shirts will predict your baby’s future from a list that includes professional bowler, conspiracy nut and mafia accountant, but you don’t know what shirt/future your child will have until it arrives.

They also carry other products, but who wants a book when you can buy your baby a shirt that says “someday I’ll get trashed at prom?” Maybe when this site ceases to be so funny to me, I’ll know I’m mature enough to have kids.


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You are “normally concerned about overpopulation”???

You must still be listening only to the ultra-liberal media, who continue to feed people the absolute LIE that there is “overpopulation,” even a couple of decades after people with genuine knowledge have been warning “the West” that the true problem is UNDERpopulation. Now, in the last five years, even the normally liberal UN has admitted that there exists a “birth dearth” in most of the world.

Entire ethnic cultures are gradually fading out of existence (in such nations/regions as Quebec, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, etc.) because the average completed family has fewer than 2.1 kids — which is the minimum replacement level. In some of those nations, the average is between 1.1 and 1.5 kids, which results in rapid depopulation, loss of cultural memory, lack of young people to pay into social-security systems, massive immigration of murder-minded “unsavory types,” and other bad effects.

You need to treat yourself to fair and balanced info, so that you are not ignorant, and so that you do not mislead your visitors here. Just one suggestion among many that could be made: Read the book, “The War Against Population” by economist Jacqueline Kasun, Ph.D., a professor in California.

Sorry about the link problem. Here is the address: http://www.wrybaby.com/

And it was mostly a joke, but since you are so bothered by it, I’ll defend the sentiment behind it. I AM aware of the argument you are making, and I admit that the issue of cultural preservation versus conservation of natural resources (such as the debates going on among EU member states) is one that I am continually over the fence about. No one in their right mind wants to see the world’s cultures decimated, be they in Botswana or Madrid.

But ultimately I have to side with conservation and preservation, and more people equals more consumption any way you cut it. I realize that the real overpopulation problems exist in third world countries, but American babies will consume far more resources in their lifetimes then their third world counterparts. Maybe I can’t have a vast impact on the birthrates in sub-Saharan Africa, but as a potential American parent I have a choice to make. I can have as many babies as I please and accept that they will litter the globe with their Happy Meal wrappers, but so be it, because mine is a culture and economic system worth preserving. One could argue that I could raise my babies without the modern conveniences that result in such consumption, but as a responsible parent I would have to ask myself how many children I could support and care for with the sweat of my brow and the fruit of my garden – one? two? My belief is simply that more people should ask themselves these questions. Do you want to raise children (what’s so wrong with adoption, especially if you can easily afford it?) or bear them, and if you want to bear a litter of ten then you should be aware of the potential environmental impact your brood will have. Do as you please, but be aware.

And what’s this about “murder-minded ‘unsavory types?'” I have heard the argument that people like my husband and I (responsible, healthy, educated and free of any substance abuse issues) are the ones that need to be breeding and raising the next generation so as to counter the impact of your unsavory types, be they foreign invaders or home-grown meth-heads. I’m sorry, but I prefer to affect social change democratically, through my actions, not the fruit of my loins. Not to mention that this argument is a bit too xenophobic and Aryan for my taste.

Successful nations and cultures adapt. If our current social security system no longer supports us, perhaps it should be torn out by the roots and replaced with something that reflects the changing face of our population, although I can’t say what that would be. And if, after centuries of trampling, converting and eradication native cultures around globe, Western nations are facing a similar fate, perhaps it is simply karma.

So while I don’t think your arguments are without merit, I also believe that the answer to these problems does not lie in more white, western babies, and I have every right and reason to be concerned about overpopulation.

Chelsey- Well put.

John- Please, please learn how to take a joke. This was about the most light-hearted post we have ever made, (clothing for babies!!!) but somehow you managed to turn it into a politically driven, death-to-all-media-sources-except-the-ones-I-like soapbox. Shame on you.

I could almost understand your response the first time you went off on a spiel (although I didn’t really agree with it), but this time? Come on.

I’m tempted to make a post where the entire text is simply “The Media Sucks”, so that you can get it all out of your system.


uh hello? Overpopulation these days has nothing to do with birth rates and everything to do with death rates. EVERYONE is living MUCH longer than they used to. If there’s a problem, that’s the end of the food chain where it is now occurring.

John’s not off-base, just off on a rant that was apparently misguided. In fairness to him, I had the same knee-jerk reaction he did. It seemed to me that the original post started the politically driven discussion, but I was wrong as well.

Well, next time I post something designed for those who are about to die, I will be sure and balance out my argument with a joke about how they should hurry up and get with it because they are taking up too much space. THIS post, however, was about BABIES, so while I agree with you about death rates being the larger, more cumbersome issue here, it just didn’t cross my mind to mention it in my joke about baby onesies or my subsequent reply about birthrates.

So here’s a revision, just for fun:
Normally I am very concerned about overpopulation (even among pretty, white people, despite the fact that this is overly-liberal of me), but I truly want people I know to start having babies and killing off their elders so I can buy them these shirts!

Whew! Now THAT’s a post that would have avoided controversy!

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