Flip and Fit Shower Caddy.

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Ok, so the common belief is that every shower caddy is created equal, right? Wrong. The new flip and fit shower caddy from simplehuman is superb and exceeds my expectations of a shower caddy.

I’m your typical woman: I have way too many bottles in my shower, 4 or 5 types of shower gel at any given time, 2 bottles of shampoo, a container of conditioner, some face wash, and whatever else ends up in there. It has always been a decision to decide what made it to the shower caddy, and what was relegated to the rim of the bathtub; because there was no way that everything was going to fit. Now everything does.

The flip and fit allows you to adjust the shelf height so you don’t have to only put the short bottles in it, and it allows you to adjust the shelves left or right, so if you have a really tall bottle that you want on the bottom shelf, you can move the bottom shelf over a bit so the bottle will fit.

The rubber on the inside of the part that attaches to the shower head arm (I don’t have a clue what the technical term is.) was a great idea. One night I was in the middle of my shower, and my bar of soap (in this hemp bag that has a wooden ball on the end of the drawstring) got caught on the shower caddy. I was sure that everything was going to come crashing down, just like it did every time that I used to bump my old shower caddy, and I was astonished when the whole shower caddy stayed in place! I believe that it would not have even budged if the suction cup on the bottom was able to stick to my textured shower wall.

The only problem I had was installing the shower caddy because it requires you to actually get out a screwdriver and screw in the screw to hold the clamp in place. I am short, so I was precariously balanced on the rim of my bathtub to screw in the screw that keeps the shower caddy on, but once I was finished, I was set.

Personally, I would have liked it if the shower caddy would have come with 2 sets of hooks instead of one set of hooks and one razor holder, because my razor (yes, it’s a girly razor) doesn’t fit in the razor holder part, so I am using the hooks to hold my razor, and threading my poof and loofah through the razor holder portion.

Overall, the flip and fit shower caddy is superb, and I have been showing it off to everyone. It even fits those bottles upside down with the larger tops (ya know, the Bath and Body Works ones). I’m thinking it would be a great present for my mom’s birthday.


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That link you’ve got goin’ on there has a “http//” in between the http:// and the www. Might wanna fix that :)

While I can’t actually speak for simplehuman products, as I don’t have any myself, I have always been a little adverse to them simply because of their price.

I made this same comment a while back when Richard posted about one of their trashcans (which are definitely a bit pricey for me, being upwards of $150 I think), and I know the usual counterargument is that with good design/functionality comes a hefty price tag.

I suppose that’s true to some degree. Of course, there are products out there that are both affordable and work great too.

Nevertheless, the caddy appears to retail for $40, which isn’t *too* bad, although for me, I still don’t think I’d pay $40 for a caddy.

The wife on the other hand…

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