Amie Street.

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Started by a trio of college seniors, Amie Street is a cool new twist on online music discovery. If you’re into discovering new music, it’s a great place to start. They charge for music on a variable scale that depends on demand for each song. All songs start off free, then get progressively more expensive, up to 98 cents, as more people buy them. According to the site: “Our pricing model encourages music lovers to discover and buy new music. If a song is free, it hasn’t been discovered by a wider audience. If a song is 98 cents, it’s already a must-hear hit. Recommend the great new songs you find to your friends and earn credit for buying even more great music!”

The best part about it is that all of the music that they sell is totally DRM free. They’re just regular MP3s, so you can play them on virtually any music playing device that you own. Awesome.


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