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Bubbl.us is one of those slicker-than-snot new web applications with a super simple and focused concept. The concept here is brainstorming. The interface begins (with an account or not) with a single bubble in the middle. You can click in the bubble and type. This is probably your central concept, like “New Website” or “Wedding”. Pressing enter will add a new bubble in a new color linked to this bubble, one step down. Pressing tab will add a new bubble on the same layer. Pretty quickly and intuitively you can build a “web” of bubbles with a bunch of attached concepts and sub-concepts.

The whole process was very natural to me and was a good match for my style of thinking. I used to think I was a “list” kind of guy, but I think bubbl.us is actually a better fit. In a way it’s like a three-dimensional list, so all those things on your list that have their own mini-lists have a much nicer home.

Signing up for an account is super easy – you don’t even need to verify your email. Once you have one, you can save your sheets. The lists can be as big as you want them to be (there is “zooming”) and they are printable, so they can be useful outside of your web browser.


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I’d love it if they had a linking feature for websites – click a bubble with an address on it and open a page in a new window or tab in your browser.

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