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the bird and the bee.

by Richard

the bird and the bee player
visit inara and greg on myspace or get the code for this player
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Inara George, daughter of Lowell George, the late frontman of Little Feat, and and Greg Kursten, a jazz piano prodigy are “the bird and the bee”. They are a 2 person band that makes melodies that are familiar, but simultaneously unlike anything I’ve heard before. Inara’s voice reminds me of Imogen Heap, one of my favorite singers, and Greg’s accompaniment on various instruments is the perfect companion to it. They just released their debut a few days back, so you should be able to find their music anywhere, from iTunes to Best Buy.

The music player you see before you is fully functional. Start with “I’m a Broken Heart” and work your way down. Go ahead, take a listen.


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One Response to “the bird and the bee.”

  1. Justin Ruckman Says:

    Thanks for this, I’ve never heard of them.