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I’ve had the chance to play with these headphones for the past couple of weeks, and they work amazingly well. I’ve got a Samsung Blackjack mobile phone, and it’s got some weird proprietary connector that totally prevents me from plugging in any other headset/headphones except for the Samsung headset that they didn’t include in the box. The BlackJack is supposed to be a great multimedia phone, with Mp3 playing and Slingboxing capabilities, but what’s the point if I can’t use my headphones? Luckily, the Blackjack supports Bluetooth audio streaming via A2DP, which means that I can use Bluetooth headphones with it.

The Logitech FreePulse is a great, well-priced (at $99) set of Bluetooth headphones that will play whatever you throw at them. They’re lightweight (in my experience I could almost forget they were on my head once they were in place) and sound awesome, with low lows and clear highs that will definitely do your music justice. I’ve never used wireless headphones before these, but I can liken my first experience with these to the first time I used a wireless mouse. The freedom is amazing. Listening to music is so much better when you don’t have to fight with headphone wires.

Don’t have any Bluetooth devices that you can stream music from? Logitech has you covered. These headphones come with a transmitter and adapters for every iPod, the Zune and an extension for any other device you’d like to transmit music from. It’s a whole wireless music system that weighs mere ounces. I’m impressed.


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