You bet.

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Stay on top of your celebrity gossip by gambling. What was that white powder underneath Denise Richards’s nose at the beach the other day? Take a guess and potentially win prizes.

WeatherBill offers online gambling “insurance policies” based on the weather. You can buy a policy that pays a certain amount of money for certain types of weather (Hot, Cold, Rainy, or Dry). For example, for $171 I can buy a 5-day policy that will pay me $100 each day there is .25 inches of precipitation. That same policy for days that are going to be above 65-degrees? $7 (It ain’t gonna happen). That same policy for days that are going to be under 65-degrees? $500. It’s kind of like Enron except for weather and not power and as far as I know, WeatherBill can’t control the weather.

Moola gives you a free penny. You play games against other people to try to double your penny. You either win and double your money, or lose and have to start at the bottom with one penny. Each game is preceded by long and annoying commercials. You can cash out at any time. Win 30 rounds in a row, take home over 10 million dollars. Since their launch over a year ago, they have given out just about 1 million.

Social networking site based around bets, dares, and contests.

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So for WeatherBill, I am confused. You pay $171 but only get $171 based on your maxium payout and days length? I’m confused, basically you’re not getting any money above what you paid?

In the above example, you pay $171, but you have five “chances” at winning $100, meaning your maximum payout is $500.

That policy was based on precipitation for my area. So if I actually bought that policy, and it snowed over .25″ for three of those five days, I would have won $300 ($129 net gain). I could have also bought a similar policy that would pay $100 each day for five days if temperature on the day rose above 65 degrees. That policy would have only cost me 7 bucks, but I might as well flush that 7 bucks down the toilet because it’s not going to be 65 around here until May if we’re lucky.

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