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The dwink box holder, so named because of the the way that children pronounce the word “drink” was invented by an enterprising mom who saw the need for a product and filled it. dwink box holders are specially designed to allow kids to easily hold drink boxes, without squeezing them and getting their drinks everywhere. Unlike other drink box holders, which usually only fit a standard-sized box, these are able to snugly hold just about every drink container you can throw at them, including pouches (like Capri Sun drinks) and soy milk boxes. For a parent with a child that wants to drink like a grown-up, but isn’t quite there yet, the dwink box holder is a godsend.

The dwink box holder also includes some other nice touches, like a non-skid base and padded, contoured handles. A lot of thought went into this simple-looking design, and it really shows. They’re available in 4 colors, for $4.99 each.


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